Finnish Chihuahua Speciality shows 3.-4.8.2

At Finnish Speciality Shows we had two professional specialist judges, legendary Francesco Cochetti from Italy and Marko Lepasaar from Estonia. 190 dogs were entered for Wednesday and 183 for Thursday.

Our highlights at the shows:
FI JCH EE JCH EEJW’22 Diamante Bebés Red Devil’s Legacy “Hazel” BEST JUNIOR FEMALE (1/15) & BEST FEMALE II for both days! 🏆🏆

FI CH EE CH Diamante Bebés Goddes of Cabaret BEST CHAMPION FEMALE & BEST FEMALE IV 🏆 (Main Speciality show)

FI CH EE CH EE JCH FIW’21 Diamante Bebés Ice Ice Baby “Tyson”  BEST MALE IV 🏆 (Speciality Show)

Under lovely judge Katriina Huhtinen:
Diamante Bebés Swanky Pants “Buugi” BOB PUPPY & BEST IN SHOW PUPPY! 🏆🥰
Diamante Bebés Dusky Blush “Candy” BOS PUPPY 🏆

Hazel & Frank attended to brace competition on the first day and they were BEST BRACE II 🏆


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