PORI IDS 30.7.2022

Judged strictly by Kirsti Louhi.

Tyson 2y 3mo – C.I.B (pend) FI CH EE CH FIW’21 EE JCH Diamante Bebés Ice Ice Baby BOB CACIB

Hemi 2,5yo – FI CH EE CH EE JCH Triangel Joy New Year Fire BOB CACIB (owner Hannamari Kaskinen)

Hazel 15mo – FI JCH EE JCH BALTJW’21 Diamante Bebés Red Devil’s Legacy BB2 rCACIB

Buugi 8mo – Diamante Bebés Swanky Pants BOB puppy
Candy 8mo – Diamante Bebés Dusky Blush BOS puppy


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