Tuuri, Miljoonakoira 11.6.2022

We had a super day with juniors!🥳❤❤

Smooth coat
❣EE JCH Diamante Bebés Million Dollar Baby 11months JCC JBOB CC BOB -> NEW FI JCH!
(CH Diamante Bebés Ice Ice Baby x Diamante Bebés Kiss of Angels)

Long coat
❣EE JCH EEJW’22 Diamante Bebés Red Devil’s Legacy 13months JCC JBOB CC BOS -> NEW FI JCH!!
(CIB Mistyway Austin Powers x CH Diamante Bebés Miss Red Devil)

Judged strictly by Paula Tuominen, FI 🙏🏻

Ariana was only sc with cq and also shortlisted in junior BIS ring handled by my husband!🥳

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